Follow this page to get the latest from J. Aleksandr Wootton, author of the 5-star young adult fantasy series FAYBORN!

Jack Wootton is the author of three published novels – Her Unwelcome InheritanceThe Eighth Square, and A First or Final Mischief – in the Fayborn trilogy, as well as two poetry collections: Muninn Wandering and Domestaccato. You can read excerpts from each of these books here on the site, or find links to your favorite bookstore to download samples and order copies.

From time to time, Jack also blogs here – posting new, original short stories, poems, and articles, as well as personal updates and thoughts about writing & publishing.

He is also an active contributor to Goodreads and DeviantArt, and somewhat less active on Facebook and Twitter. Please feel welcome to contact him directly with questions or comments pertaining to his books, the finer points of Faerie lore, or writing in general.

Thanks for stopping by!

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