Modern Nobility

I’ve been working on an idea of nobility for contemporary American society – attempting to adapt the ideals of nobility to a culture that believes everyone is equal. How does one behave in a way that is above the common inclination of humankind, without at the same time looking down upon humankind for acting on its inclinations?

I think I have at least a partial answer, in the form of a list of behaviors. It may not be complete; your thoughts and contributions would be appreciated.

Today’s Nobles Strive…

…To be Socially Aware;

…To Conduct themselves, their Doings, and their Conversations with Dignity by:

1. Immediately and Fully claiming Responsibility for their Failures, but
2. remaining Quiet about their Successes,
3. Challenging no-one Foolishly or Vacuously,
4. being Unafraid to receive Reproach, whether Merited or not,
5. Considering Carefully all Criticism leveled against them for any Scrap of Truth,
6. Proactively offering Leadership where it is wanting, and
7. Following Supportively and with Grace where it already exists.

…To Protect others, both verbally and socially, by:

1. Displaying a ready Wit,
2. never underestimating another’s Potential,
3. never taking Advantage of others or Abusing positions of authority,
4. being Unafraid to give Reproach where Reproach is merited,
5. making Promises Wisely and Keeping them Always.


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