Now Available: Her Unwelcome Inheritance Trade Paperback

We interrupt this blog series on DSP to bring you the following announcement…

…Because Real Books Are Better. 

Ebooks are great. They’re convenient, inexpensive, and  lightweight. But nothing beats having a real live book in your hands. Printed books never need recharging, have natural anti-glare surfaces, can be easily lent to your friends, and contribute to the impressiveness and prestige of your book-hoard – I mean, collection. Ahem.

Now Hear This: you can buy Her Unwelcome Inheritance in gorgeous 5.25″x8″ trade paperback for a mere $9.99. Simply follow this link to place your order!

Other Buying Options

As early as next week, Her Unwelcome Inheritance will starting showing up in the online catalogs of most major online retailers. (Plus, by mid-September you should be able to walk into any brick-and-mortar bookstore or library in North America and Europe and have them order it for you).

So if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, say, or a Barnes & Noble gift card, you may want to wait a few days to order the book. I’ll be posting direct purchase links to these various catalogs, as soon as they become available, at my shiny new website, so keep a sharp lookout.

The ebook version remains available, of course, and you can get it from a lot more stores now, including Apple iBooks, Diesel, Kobo, and several more. All of those links can be had from my website too (except for iBooks, which only supports in-app browsing).

The Eighth Square
If you’re anxiously waiting for Book 2 – and a resolution to that frustrating cliffhanger ending from Book 1 – get ready! The Eighth Square is scheduled for release in September, just a few weeks away! Stay tuned, and bookmark the new website!



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