It’s Fayborn Fortnight! Win Free Stuff!

Dear Friends & Followers,

As you can imagine, I’m really excited about the release of my second Fayborn novel, The Eighth Square

The digital publishing process takes about two weeks. During that time, the new book will (eventually!) be made available from all the websites, in all the formats, and on all the different platforms, that you can already get Her Unwelcome Inheritance for. Once I start the publishing wheels rolling, I never know exactly when or where the book will appear next!

To celebrate this Fayborn Fortnight (September 25 – October 9), I’m giving away a bunch of free books!

Here’s the deal. When you buy one of my books, whether paperback or digital, I make about $2. Now don’t get me wrong, every sale is a thrill – but that’s not the kind of support I really need.

The success of a book, and of an author’s career, depends upon one and only one factor: word-of-mouth recommendations, by readers to readers. That’s the whole picture. Books are one of the few products that can’t be effectively sold by brilliant marketing strategy, paid advertising, or important people harrumphing favorably about them from on high.

Books are truly democratic. Readers choose winners and losers. Winner books are talked about, while loser books are ignored. It’s that simple.

In order to succeed as an author, I need you to spread the word about my books. If you’re willing to act as my advocate and ambassador, I’m happy to give you my books – for free. I’ll even give you free copies you can give away to other potential fans.

The most effective way you can recommend a book is in-person, but when you recommend a book online, your stamp of approval is 24-7 and reaches thousands of total strangers. So please talk about my books with your friends, but please also share about them online! Here’s what you get when you do:

  • During Fayborn Fortnight (September 25 – October 9)  everyone who signs up for my emailing list will receive a FREE digital copy of my debut poetry collection, Forgetting, which is scheduled to come out in November.
  • During Fayborn Fortnight, everyone who leaves a star rating for Her Unwelcome Inheritance or The Eighth Square at any online bookseller, or shares about them on any social media site, will receive ONE FREE FAYBORN BOOK (digital format) PER SHARE. Or cash in 3 shares (mix’n’match) for a FREE FAYBORN PAPERBACK of your choice. Examples of social media sharing include: liking, tagging, or recommending the Fayborn Novels page on Facebook; adding the books to your Goodreads shelf; tweeting about the books using the hashtag #Fayborn, pinning Fayborn cover images to your Pinterest board or posting them to your Tumblr, etc. etc.
  • During Fayborn Fortnight, everyone who leaves a written review of either Fayborn novel, at Goodreads or any online bookseller site, will receive a FREE SIGNED PAPERBACK of the Fayborn novel of their choice, PLUS a free digital copy of Forgetting. Written reviews need not be long, eloquent, or even favorable – just be honest, and say what and why you liked and/or disliked about the book.
To claim your reward(s), take a screenshot of each of your Fayborn activities and email them as attachments to SmithyoftheWrittenWord[at]gmail[dot]com.
Remember, Fayborn Fortnight begins Wednesday, September 25 and only lasts two weeks! The days right after a book is published are critical for generating buzz and building sales momentum. Spread the word about the Fayborn series. Cast your vote, and read my books for free!

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