A Hasty Hypothesis of Curacy

(In 7 Tweets)

1/7 Ideas are humanity’s only true wealth.
2/7 When constrained by language or locality, Ideas give rise ecosystematically to Culture.
3/7 Globalization forces Ideas and Cultures to compete for survival…
4/7 …resulting in both “invasive exotic” and “endangered native” ideas just like we see with plants and animals.
5/7 Globalization therefore reduces cultural diversity, promotes homogenized thought, and impoverishes humanity.
6/7 Curacy is our best defense against Globalization (so far), but…
7/7 …any theory or method of Curacy is inescapably informed by the curating culture and is already compromised.

8/7 Take all the trees, put ’em in a tree museum / then charge all the people a dollar and a half to see ’em…

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