New Release: Fayborn #3

A First or Final Mischief, 3rd novel of the FAYBORN trilogy, hits stores this weekend! You can order a paperback or Kindle edition from Amazon right nowHow exciting!!

***Spoiler Alert***

If you’re new to the FAYBORN series, better grab yourself a copy of of Her Unwelcome Inheritance to get started – and maybe don’t read any further until you do, because the Sneak Preview below may contain Spoilers.


Sneak Preview: A First or Final Mischief

Her aunt’s been abducted.

                Her mother is missing.

                                Her enemy is waiting.

 And the person she counted on for help is dead.

 Too late to free the Faerie Queen, Petra Godfellow and her allies face a terrible choice: Either Petra surrenders and swears to serve James Oberon, or he will torture her Aunt Penny.

 If she agrees to James’s demands, the Faerie kingdom will be restored… with James on its throne, and Petra condemned to eternal servitude. Any alternative abandons Penny to torture and her mother to an unknown fate.

 Unless, of course, the Cat chooses to intervene…

#   #   #

I can’t wait to hear what you think! Use #Fayborn when posting on social media, drop me a note in the comments, or use the contact form to send me email.

Happy Reading!




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