13 Feb. 2021: “Embodiment” Virtual Conference

Since its inception a few years back, I’ve volunteered in various capacities with TexMoot, a regional gathering of Signum University‘s main annual conference, Mythmoot. I’ve hosted the Creatives’ Panel, run the Writing Workshop, and helped with general planning. Last year, we were able to gather in person weeks before quarantine; this year, not so much.

So we’ve moved online, which prompts me to invite: All of you! No plane ticket to Texas required this time – just an Internet connection and a mic.

And how perfectly ironic* to meet cyberspatially for a conference on “Embodiment”, right? Too good to pass up. We had to do it.

*Pedants take note: this use of “ironic” is actually “hipster ironic” – subtly different from the real thing.

So here we are. Is “meatspace”, as some technofuturists have taken to derogatorily calling it, essential for human flourishing? Is the biological body truly intrinsic to what it means to be human? What is the nature of consciousness? That’s the sort of thing we’ll be discussing. Boot up your webcam and join us!

Embodiment: Do You Need Some Body to Love?

TexMoot 2021: Signum University’s Fourth Annual Texas Literature & Language Symposium

13 February 2021 | in the Cyberverse

Get all the details on the conference theme here and here.
(That first link also explains how the online roundtable discussion sessions are meant to work).

Register here. Costs $10 for current students, $15 for the rest of us.

See the schedule here.

Submit a Discussion Prompt here. (Not required – you can show up and participate, or just listen in, without leading a discussion. But we welcome your participation!)

Contact the organizers here or join our Facebook group to connect with attendees past & future and track announcements and updates.

See you there!

…Or will I? Does seeing your on-screen avatar count as “seeing”? Is your digital representation “you”? And where exactly is “there”??

-Hey! Save it for the conference, Wootton.
-Okay, okay…


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