13 Feb. 2021: “Embodiment” Virtual Conference

Is "meatspace", as some technofuturists have taken to derogatorily calling it, essential for human flourishing? Is the biological body truly intrinsic to what it means to be human? What is the nature of consciousness? That's the sort of thing we'll be discussing. Boot up your webcam and join us!


New Release: Fairytales!

New, from Faeros Publishing: Stories That Held Back the Dark! Booksellers are listing this as Fayborn #4, but that's only half-true. Yes, this collection makes great companion reading: almost every classic story referenced in Fayborn is included here. If you'd like to be more familiar with the tradition that makes up Petra Godfellow's world - …

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New Release: Fayborn #3

A First or Final Mischief, 3rd novel of the FAYBORN trilogy, hits stores this weekend! You can order a paperback or Kindle edition from Amazon right now. How exciting!! ***Spoiler Alert*** If you're new to the FAYBORN series, better grab yourself a copy of of Her Unwelcome Inheritance to get started – and maybe don't read any further …

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Luring the Nightmare

Nightmares are insidious, ethereal creatures. They dwell within the mind, a soul inside a soul – parasitic, extremely short-lived, and almost always too weak to do any noticeable or lasting harm to their hosts. But sometimes, if aided by traumatic experiences or malicious magic, a nightmare can grow strong enough to consume its host's mind. …

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She was burning Burning behind walls of ice Grey was on her lips, on her bare throat, on her exposed arms. Her eyes were glassy, the pupils fallen as if grown weary of staring straight ahead, and had, as the centuries passed, slid imperceptibly downward. Her hands rested in her lap, grey with grey nails. …

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All the deepest magics are bred upon the hearth.Warm brick and whistling kettles,story-tongued salamanders leaping to climb chimney walls only to fall back down as crumbling soot,Almost before they have driven us out of Dark and into Dreamguiding here and there by rough words, few, unsteady, and dim.Tomorrow, behind porridge gently steaming in the pale …

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