ISBN: 978-1491291009

Sometimes fairies believe in you… and it’s not always pretty.

When Oberon needs to sacrifice her family to restore his shattered kingdom, Petra will fight for their freedom and sanity as the world she knows and the people she trusts are transformed by supernatural invasion.

Petra is supposed to be starting college, but these fairies are real and they need her help. There’s just one catch: they want her to become a desperate tyrant’s sworn servant. Forever.

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ISBN: 978-1492860945

They want her alive… and they’ll kill to get her.

Dodging the supernatural is making Petra’s freshman year very difficult. Emissaries from the imprisoned Faerie Queen are looking for her. The Militia watch her everywhere she goes. Oberon’s servants keep trying to kidnap her.

Petra is certain she doesn’t have special powers. She didn’t even know about the thousands of Fayborn refugees hiding on earth until last summer. She’s still not sure she believes any of it: her aunt, her godfather, and her roommate do seem a bit crazy.

Friends and family are trying hard to keep her safe, but the Fayborn seeking her help are getting desperate…




ISBN: 978-1979207898

Her aunt’s been abducted.
Her mother is missing.
Her enemy is waiting.

And the person she counted on for help is dead.

Too late to free the Faerie Queen, Petra Godfellow and her allies face a terrible choice: Either Petra surrenders and swears to serve James Oberon, or he will torture her Aunt Penny.

If she agrees to James’s demands, the Faerie kingdom will be restored… with James on its throne, and Petra condemned to eternal servitude. Any alternative abandons Penny to torture and her mother to an unknown fate.

Unless, of course, the Cat chooses to intervene…




ISBN: 978-1511595193

Every morning Odin sent his ravens, Huginn (Thought), and Muninn (Memory), to patrol the earth. Every evening they brought him news of the human world. Every day Odin worried Muninn would not return.

Follow the distractable raven’s flight through the mind of a poet focused on forgotten facets of his subjects. Under Muninn’s influence he explores a motley terrain – observing fairy abductions, the end of the universe, mutiny, unexpected similarities shared by a woman and a walnut, by couples and catamarans, and unanticipated disparities between age and growth.

Gorgeously imagined through 15 original illustrations inked by Rebecca Hirst, Munnin Wandering conjures with art and poetry that which we, to our peril or poverty, have forgotten.

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ISBN: 978-1981102631

Once upon many a time… not long ago, and for many ages before that, those who kept watch at night told stories to ward off drowsiness:

Children’s favorites from the family elders. Travelers’ tales gleaned at market. New stories invented on the spot.

Some, they told as remembered. Others, they altered to please moment and mood.

These stories sifted slowly through memory and invention, transformed through endless retellings into favorite recipes dished up to feast our imaginations.

Storytelling kept the watchers alert; alert, the watchers kept their fires burning brightly; tended, the fires kept wolf and winter at bay.

Here are some of those stories, as told by tellers from Homer to Chesterton, from Scheherzade to Irving, from Ovid to Yeats. Here are Stories That Held Back the Dark.