Thoughts on Creativity

Two pieces I feel are worth passing along.First, the inestimable John Cleese:, this from screenwriter Shonda Rhimes via Zen Pencils (follow link for full size):

Her Unwelcome Inheritance Audio Book

Her Unwelcome Inheritance (Fayborn, #1) is now available in audio book format!The production features lovely reading by Summer Jasmine Brown and is just under 6.5 hours long. It is available for $17 from iTunes and Amazon, or FREE with an trial membership.Here are the links:Amazon: limited number of complimentary copies are available for reviewers. If …

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A Hasty Hypothesis of Curacy

(In 7 Tweets)1/7 Ideas are humanity's only true wealth.2/7 When constrained by language or locality, Ideas give rise ecosystematically to Culture.3/7 Globalization forces Ideas and Cultures to compete for survival...4/7 ...resulting in both “invasive exotic” and “endangered native” ideas just like we see with plants and animals.5/7 Globalization therefore reduces cultural diversity, promotes homogenized thought, …

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Advice from Edith Wharton

Another unsettling element in modern art is that common symptom of immaturity, the dread of doing what has been done before; for though one of the instincts of youth is imitation, another, equally imperious, is that of fiercely guarding against it. In this respect, the novelist of the present day is in danger of being caught …

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The Fayborn Reading List (to date)

Readers of my Fayborn novels know that the story begun by Her Unwelcome Inheritance is a story full of other stories. As my namesake character in the novel puts it, "The more stories I study, the more I become convinced that there is only one story; and that we are, all of us, engaged in telling it." At the back …

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